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October 2012

10/31/12  Crowdfund Insider- Can Crowdfund Investing Bring Zombie Capital Back to Life?

10/30/12  CATA- i-Canada Summit State of the Union: Leadership of Intelligent Nation Movement... 

10/29/12  Venture Beat- Could a "Fund of Crowdfunds" Help Investors Take the Plunge?

10/24/12  Huffington Post- Bay Area Startups Await Crowdfunding Regulations

10/23/12  SF Gate- Crowdfunding Advertising an SEC Concern

10/23/12  NBC Bay Area- Bay Area Startups Await Crowdfunding Regulations

10/22/12  Miami Herald- EarlyShares' CEO Give Lowdown on Crowdfunding

10/19/12  Thunderbird Magazine- Power of the Crowd

10/18/12  Napa Valley Register- Innovation Touted as Key to Local Economic Growth

10/18/12 Crowdfunding is the Real Deal: A Report from the Crowdfunding... 

10/16/12  CPA Magazine- Crowdfunding for CPAs

10/15/12  Forbes- Why Crowdfunding Will Explode in 2013

10/15/12  SXSW- SXSW Interactive Announces Programming for 2013

10/12/12  Cayman Financial Review- Alternative Investment: Crowdfunding Investment Venture...

10/10/12  Napa Valley Register- Crowdfund Investing Comes to the Napa Innovation Summit

10/10/12  i-Canada- The What, Why and How of Creating Intelligent Communities

10/8/12   North Bay Business Journal- NAPA Chamber Hosts Innovation Summit

10/5/12   Uinvest- JOBS Act: The Future of American Crowdfunding

10/4/12   Forbes- Investors Weigh in on Crowdfund Investing at Chicago Event

10/1/12   IT Business Canada- Canadian and U.S. Lobby Groups Forge Crowdfunding Alliance

10/1/12 Canadian and U.S. Lobby Groups Forge Crowdfunding Alliance