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11/15/2013 McKinsey & Co - Why crowdfunding appeals to the Middle East
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10 secrets to success with Crowdfund Investing


Crowdfund Investing-Trick or Treat? CFI isn’t the Bogeyman some would have you believe

boogeymanProceed with caution, Halloween is coming …and some would have you believe the specter of fraud looms menacingly over crowdfund investing, and that the Invisible Fraudster is this year’s version of the big, bad bogeyman.

Fraud, fraud, fraud. Had it with all the discussions about why Crowdfund Investing (aka equity and debt-based crowdfunding) due to kick off in 2013 will become the “red-light district “of seed investing and the “wild west” of entrepreneurship? Some journalists even go so far as to say it will be a “potential legal disaster waiting to happen.” Pretty scary stuff!


Italy Invites CCA to Speak on Crowdfund Investing

Nation seeks CFI experts as it prepares to legalize crowdfund investing

There’s nothing quite like an economic slump before a national election to get governments focused on solutions to issues like high unemployment rates and dropping GDPs. It’s certainly no secret that those factors helped us at Startup Exemption get the bipartisan support from Congress we needed to include legalized crowdfund investing (CFI) in the JOBS Act in 2012.

So with the deepening economic crisis in Italy sitting on the doorstep of that country’s election year, it wasn’t surprising that Italian government officials would look to crowdfund investing as a possible solution to their nation’s socio-economic challenges. And when they began seeking the leading experts in CFI throughout the world, it wasn’t surprising that the phone in CCA’s office rang with a formal invitation from Rome.


Top Leaders from the Investment Community Speak Out About Crowdfunding

After President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, crowdfunding soon became the hot new buzz word surrounding entrepreneurs and their startup efforts. The financial revolution represented a season of hope for all who wanted a coveted piece of the American dream. As the media jumped in to be a part of this historical event, story upon story of successful entrepreneurs flooded the scene. But one thing was missing—the investor’s viewpoint. The investment community has a pivotal role in crowdfund investing which will keep them from fading into the background because without their funding, nothing could move forward. The Crowdfund Capital Advisors team quickly noticed these investors needed to take a front row seat with the future of this financial solution. Enter the Chicago Crowdfunding Symposium- an exclusive event gathering the top industry leaders from this highly influential city.


Writing Crowdfund Investing for Dummies

BookOn February 9, 2012 almost 2 months prior to the JOBS Act and Crowdfunding being signed into law, the Acquisitions Editor in the Consumer Dummies division at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. reached out to us with the following email:

“… I am currently interested in building a book on Crowdfunding For Dummies and would love to determine if there is any interest on your end (as well as your business partners) to partner with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. on a publishing project. For Dummies is the world’s leading knowledge brand, with more than 1,600 titles and 200 million books in print worldwide. My vision and goal for this title will be to walk investors and entrepreneurs step-by-step through this new investing experience.  Investors would get an in-depth 4-1-1 on crowdfunding, the benefits, the risks, the different models, what it takes, how to stay protected, how to ensure proper results and profits are shared, and how to get their investment back when it’s time to bow-out, and lastly, how to ensure its recognized when institution investors take over. 


Don’t let your Crowdfunding Campaign Fail Before you Launch—The 6 Steps you Must Take NOW to Succeed

The passage of the JOBS Act and the legalization of debt and equity based crowdfunding is a very exciting proposition. The community is opening their arms and wallets, giving your business the funds you need to thrive and investors a chance to profit. Unfortunately, what many crowdfunding companies don’t realize is that debt and equity based crowdfunding is a good deal more complicated then donation based campaigns. It is not as simple as setting up a deal room on Kickstarter and emailing your network. There is preparation that needs to be started now in order for you to be eligible to do an equity based crowdfund come Spring next year.

The crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act mandates that companies meet certain regulatory hurdles, such as audited financial statements and incorporation before listing their company on equity crowdfunding platforms. In order to get you ready for your crowdfunding campaign, we have put together a list of actions companies must take now to be prepared.